Fish habitat research and management program

Urban marine fish habitat, Burnett River, Bundabergn

Mangrove trimming trials, Burnett River

The Fish Habitat Research and Management (FHRM) Program integrates current and past research projects to address and direct future research about impacts (natural and human induced) on fish habitats in Queensland. The program was established in 2004.

The FHRM Program:

  • fosters post-graduate research project opportunities
  • may link to fish habitat offset research projects where fish habitat removal cannot be avoided.

The program provides a number of direct benefits, such as:

  • capturing essential information for fish habitat management
  • improving understanding of the roles of fish habitats in supporting fisheries
  • enhancing knowledge of the impacts of human activities on fish habitats.
Urban marine fish habitat, Magazine Creek, Bowen

Urban marine fish habitat, Magazine Creek, Bowen

Research / management streams

The FHRM Program has five streams:

  • Stream 1 - Fish habitat utilisation
  • Stream 2 - Impacts on fish habitats
  • Stream 3 - Innovative structure design for fish habitats
  • Stream 4 - Rehabilitation of fish habitats
  • Stream 5 - Habitat data for response management

For a detailed description of the program and projects, download these reports:

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