Structural adjustment payments: Stage 1 extended

Closing dates have been extended so commercial licence holders have more time to get independent advice and submit their applications.

Stage 1

Closing 30 April 2024

Closing 30 June 2024

Apply now for Stage 1 payments.

Stages 2 and 3

These stages will include:

  • support for eligible skippers, crew and supply chain businesses affected by the phase-out of gillnets
  • payments for eligible fishers not in the Great Barrier Reef or Great Sandy Marine Park rezoning areas to compensate for hammerhead sharks becoming a no-take species
  • payments for eligible gillnet fishers in the Gulf of Carpentaria
  • loss of income payments for eligible part-time lease holders of the previous N1, N2 or N4 symbols
  • gillnet buyback from licence or lease holders of the previous N1, N2 or N4 symbols
  • grants to refit gillnet reel boats.

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