Fishery habitat guidelines

Fisheries Queensland policies and guidelines assist with effective management of Queensland's fish habitats.

A number of guidelines relevant to fish habitat management in fresh, estuarine and marine waters are available. While their use is not mandatory, the guidelines help direct planning, design and management efforts towards best management practices for fish habitats.

Fish passage in streams: Design of stream crossings (FHG 001)

Identifies the potential effects that stream crossings have on fisheries resources and fish habitats and recommends ways in which these effects can be mitigated to allow water flows and fish migrations.

  • This guideline is under review

Restoration of fish habitats: Marine areas (FHG 002)

Methods for restoration or rehabilitation of disturbed or degraded marine areas for fisheries purposes, useful during the planning stages of restoration projects. A stepwise, structured approach is provided.

Fish habitat buffer zones (FHG 003)

Provides site-specific buffer zone requirements and advice on buffer functions and recommended buffer zone widths. Buffers minimise impacts on adjacent fish habitats and fisheries resources.

Mangrove nurseries: Construction, propagation and planting (FHG 004)

Provides technical information on design, construction and establishment of a mangrove nursery, propagation techniques for selected mangrove species and the planting out of mangroves. Restoration of degraded intertidal sites may require plantings with mangrove reared seedlings.

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