Saucer scallop stock assessment

Chart of Queensland stock assessment biomass estimates and key management actions for saucer scallop

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Chart of estimated retained catch for Queensland saucer scallop from 1956 to 2022

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Why did we assess the Ballot’s saucer scallop stock?

In 2022, Fisheries Queensland completed the fifth stock assessment of Queensland Ballot’s saucer scallop. It used the most current commercial catch and survey data to:

  • determine the sustainability of the stock
  • help inform management decisions.

This assessment estimated that the saucer scallop stock level was 15% of unfished biomass with a 95% confidence interval between 10% and 25%.

How was the stock assessment conducted?

The 2023 assessment used an age-structured population model with a monthly time step. The model was based on the methodology from the 2018 assessment.

Next steps for fishery management

Under the Queensland’s Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017–2027, rebuilding strategies are required for stocks below 20% biomass. The first preference is to rebuild the stock with restricted targeted fishing, providing it can be achieved within a specified timeframe. However, if this cannot be achieved, fishing for the affected species may stop for a period.

The trawl fishery working group provides advice on the operational aspects of the management of the fishery. The working group includes representatives from commercial and recreational fishing sectors, seafood processors and wholesalers, and the conservation and environment sectors.

Read information on the working group.

More information

Access the Stock assessment of Ballot’s saucer scallops (Ylistrum balloti) in Queensland, Australia, with data to October 2022.