Boat ramp survey

Fisheries Queensland has a long history of working with recreational fishers to collect important information that contributes to the sustainable management of Queensland’s fisheries. We have conducted boat ramp surveys across Queensland for more than 12 years.

The boat ramp survey program aims to interview more than 15,000 boat crews a year. The surveys are done across Queensland at public boat ramps that provide access to marine waters.

The data we collect is used to monitor changes in:

  • effort,
  • catch rates
  • fish length
  • value of recreational fishing over time.

This helps us assess the health of fish stocks and fishery management arrangements.

Survey questions

Boat ramp surveys only take about 10 minutes. When a recreational fisher returns to the boat ramp, we ask them a few questions about their fishing trip, including where and how they fished, and for how long.

We record data on 41 species of fish and crustaceans, including the number kept or released, and the length of fish kept.

Survey locations

Boat ramp surveys are conducted at more than 48 ramps in 15 regions across Queensland. They are conducted randomly at each ramp 5 times a month over 3 weekdays and 2 weekends (severe weather days are not surveyed).

Survey results

Raw data from the program is available on the interactive boat ramp survey dashboard.

Note: The data presented in the dashboard is survey data, and is not a complete record of all activity at the boat ramp. Using this data to make broad statements about recreational fishing activity requires an understanding of the survey design and what the data represents.

More information

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