Communique 1 March 2022 – Information update

Objectives of the Vessel Tracking Working Group (from Terms of Reference):  

To provide operational advice and recommendations to:

  1. Support the review of the implementation of vessel tracking.
  2. Support the review of the effectiveness of the current administration of vessel tracking.
  3. Provide options and advice to improve the ongoing management and administration of vessel tracking.

Information Update:

Following the December 2022 Vessel Tracking Working Group meeting, Michelle Jensen (industry member) requested information on various vessel tracking issues relevant to the VTWG’s discussions to ensure transparency and address information gaps for industry members.  The request for information was contributed to and supported by several other industry members of the working group.

Fisheries Queensland, in liaison with Anne Barclay, the VTWG Chair, has provided a response based on available information – see attached letter from Dallas D’Silva, Executive Director, Fisheries Queensland and accompanying Attachments.  This correspondence is being published on the Fisheries Queensland Vessel Tracking portal for easy access / transparency in information sharing.

Please note that detailed survey feedback from the vessel tracking trials has not been included in the attached response, although it was requested, for reasons of privacy for participants in the trial.  However, a summary of this is available and referred to in the attached.

Fisheries Queensland is currently gathering information for the Post Implementation Review consultation paper.  This can be released publicly only after Ministerial consideration and approval to do so.  This will provide further available information for industry and other stakeholders to consider and comment on.

The VTWG has not yet met in 2022.  The next meeting will be convened as soon as the Post Implementation Review consultation paper has been released so this can be discussed in that forum.  A date for this is not yet available.


  • Letter to Michelle Jensen, cc VTWG members, from Dallas D’Silva, Executive Director, Fisheries Queensland, dated 28 February 2022
  • Attachment 1 – response to requests
  • Attachment 2 – template of vessel tracking participant survey (2018)

Communique prepared by Anne Barclay, VTWG Chair, 1 March 2022.