Our responsibilities

Through forest certification, independent audits, engaging with our stakeholders and working closely with the Department of Environment and Science (DES), the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is responsible for the management of Queensland’s native forest timber resources.

Forest certification

Our forest management system is independently certified to the Australian/New Zealand Standard™  for Sustainable forest management (AS/NZ 4708) under the Responsible Wood scheme. This requires us to:

  • undertake our management in a systematic manner
  • proactively engage with our stakeholders
  • ensure biodiversity, forest health, soil, water, cultural heritage and other values are maintained
  • make a Summary Forest Management Plan available.

The defined forest area for our certification includes all state forests. The management activities of DES are also included in our certification, because of the role it plays as the owner of state forests. Certification requires our management systems to undergo:

  • independent audits every 9 months
  • a full recertification audit every 3 years.

DES also conducts regular audits.

Our certification assures that Queensland’s forests are conserved and responsibly managed, providing social, environmental and economic benefits now and in the future.

Our certification enables our customers to maintain chain-of-custody certification, allowing them to label and promote the environmental integrity of their timber products.

The role of the other government departments

DES is responsible for the day-to-day and overall management of state forests, including any non-commercial and recreational activities. A master plan for Queensland’s parks and forests to 2025 outlines its objectives for management, including:

  • working with stakeholders to ensure a sustainable, risk-based approach to resource use
  • management of fire and invasive species
  • cultural management
  • provision of recreational opportunities
  • maintenance of essential infrastructure.

DES is also responsible for:

State government departments with responsibility for other key aspects of native forest management in Queensland, are detailed in the responsibilities of government section.

Stakeholder input

We proactively engage with stakeholders by:

  • contacting stakeholders that are directly affected to obtain their views when we develop our operational harvest plans;
  • being open to the public contacting us to make submissions about the activities we authorise, provide us with feedback or to make a complaint.

The DES, through a master plan for Queensland’s parks and forests to 2025, is committed to encouraging community involvement in the management of its estate.

More information

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