Gatton research facility

Site Details

Research facility nameGatton Research Facility
Research facility addressWarrego Highway, Lawes QLD 4343
Telephone+61 7 5346 9522
Coordinates (GPS at office)27°32'45''S, 152°19'44''E
ClimateThe climate is sub-humid and subtropical with long hot summers, +30°C and short, mild to cold winters, +5°C. The average annual rainfall of 778mm is summer dominant with approximately 70% falling between October and March. There is a large variation in annual rainfall amount and monthly distribution. The average annual evaporation rate is 1893mm.
TopographySituated on the flat alluvial plain of Lockyer Creek. The alluvium forming this landscape is largely from basalt deposited during the Quaternary period.

Site overview

Gatton Research Facility is located on the Warrego Highway, 5km east of Gatton and a one-hour drive west of Brisbane CBD.

Gatton Research Facility plays a significant role in providing research services to the horticultural and agricultural industries in subtropical Queensland.

The facility houses research staff from the Queensland Government, universities and other research organisations and works collaboratively with these and other industry partners. Research at this site is focused on vegetable, broadacre and pasture crops, involving disease, nutrition, and agronomy and demonstration activities.


General facilities

The site has built facilities including an administration office with accommodation for 50 staff, conference and meeting rooms. There are general storage and machinery sheds and a purpose built mechanical workshop and chemical store.

The site has a wide range of plant and equipment including tractors, trucks and cultivators required to support research and grow a broad range of grain and horticultural crops.

Specialised Infrastructure

Controlled environments

  • 1 glasshouse, evaporative cooled
  • 2 cold rooms, with temperature and humidity controls

Laboratories, processing facilities and conference room

  • 2 laboratories – one general and one pathology/entomology. Two small transportable laboratories are used for general laboratory work
  • 1 conference room that seats up to 50 people


  • Pumping and irrigation – 2 bores with a total capacity of 120,000 litres per hour. Capacity to deliver water via a computerized boom, sprinkler, drip and flood systems.

Specialised plant and equipment

Precision planters and plot harvesters

  • 5 planters – 1 Monosem precision planter, 3 cone seeders and 1 small seed precision planter
  • 2 GPS guidance fitted tractors – JD 6330 and Case 95C
  • 2 fertiliser applicators – Vicon twin disc spreader and inter-row applicator
  • Forage harvester with weighing capacity

Pest and pathogen control

  • Sprayers, air boom and general purpose boom
  • Field isolation areas for disease trials


  • 1 small rigid body truck

Sample Processing

  • 1 large Hurricane dryer
  • 1 plant grinder

Research focus

Gatton Research Facility supports the vegetable, pasture and grains research and development programs. Research conducted includes plant breeding, improving production, disease resistance, integrated pest management and enhanced crop quality of vegetables (including tomato, capsicum and cucurbits).