Queensland Biosecurity Mates Ambassador Program

Calling all biosecurity champions! Ignite, change and educate communities, and safeguard our future together.

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About the program

The Queensland Biosecurity Mates Ambassador Program will appoint biosecurity champions to help strengthen Queensland's collective biosecurity system. We are looking for 6 ambassadors across Queensland who are emerging industry leaders and/or experts across a range of sectors to help advocate and engage the community in biosecurity awareness and preparedness.

Who should apply?

We encourage you to apply if you:

  • have proven expertise and leadership in relation to biosecurity and are passionate about educating, advocating and supporting measures to enhance Queensland's biosecurity resilience and preparedness
  • are highly regarded in your chosen industry and have a wealth of experience working in a relevant sector or field (such as agriculture, environment, science or technology) with a focus on biosecurity
  • are committed to raising the profile of biosecurity and keen to advocate and participate in opportunities to further strengthen the biosecurity system.

Ideally, you will have experience in biosecurity resilience and preparedness and understand the importance of biosecurity planning.

Note: Conditions apply to applicants currently employed in the Queensland public sector.


You must be able to commit to the role for at least 12 months and have capacity to attend at least 4 Queensland events in the role of ambassador to advocate the importance of biosecurity in your area of expertise.

We are looking for a diverse representation and this will be a consideration to ensure a broad and inclusive selection of ambassadors across Queensland.

All travel and sitting fees will be met.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend an official ministerial announcement as well as an induction and training session.

Benefits of becoming an ambassador

  • Enhancement of personal knowledge and understanding of biosecurity concepts, promoting improved skills and expertise in the field.
  • Development of leadership, communication and advocacy skills through engagement with diverse communities and stakeholders, supported by Biosecurity Queensland's tailored resources.
  • Building networks with other ambassadors, biosecurity experts and stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of ideas, particularly local ideas for local issues.
  • Recognition as a leader and an advocate for biosecurity across your community, contributing to a cause that safeguards the environment, agriculture and public health.
  • Enhancement of personal satisfaction, knowing you are making a tangible contribution to the protection and improvement of Queensland's biosecurity, particularly at your local level.

Key dates

  • Applications closed
  • Shortlisting and interviews: February 2024
  • Ambassadors announced: 26 March 2024
  • Training and induction session: 26 March 2024 (12–4pm)

Selection criteria

Demonstrated understanding of the biosecurity system

  • Clarity and depth of understanding of biosecurity concepts — including the ability to define, identify and address biosecurity threats relevant to Queensland.

Relevant experience and background in areas related to biosecurity response and preparedness

  • Previous experience or expertise in areas related to biosecurity, such as agriculture, environmental conservation or community engagement.
  • Understanding of how these experiences contribute to suitability as an ambassador.

Commitment and impact

  • The commitment to investing time and effort in advancing biosecurity initiatives within the community or in one or more of the agricultural, science, environment and technology sectors.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the potential impact of the ambassador program and the contributions it could make in strengthening Queensland’s collective biosecurity system.
  • Awareness of the responsibilities that come with being an ambassador.

Effective communication and presentation

  • Strong communication and leadership skills with the ability to effectively present ideas, initiatives and solutions in a compelling and understandable manner.
  • The ability to connect and engage with community and advocate on important issues.

Additional skills or experience

  • Any additional experience that might support your application.

More information

Email us at biosecurity.capability@daf.qld.gov.au