Frequently asked questions

What information can be accessed on the disclosure log?

If departments and ministers decide to give access to a document that does not contain the personal information of the applicant, and the applicant accesses the document within the access period (40 business days), departments and ministers must include in the disclosure log a copy of the document, the name of the applicant and if access to the document was sought for the benefit or use by an entity other than the applicant, the name of the other entity. These publication requirements are subject to the caveats explained below.

If the applicant does not access the document within the access period, the details of the document and information about the way in which the document may be accessed will be included in the disclosure log.

What information will not be included on the disclosure log?

Please note that documents containing an applicant’s personal information will not be published on the disclosure log. The department will also remove any information (including individuals’ names) from the disclosure log that is required under section 78B of the RTI Act, including any of the following:

  • the publication of the information is prevented by law
  • the information may be defamatory
  • publishing the information would unreasonably invade an individual’s privacy or cause substantial harm to an entity
  • the information is of a confidential nature communicated in confidence
  • the information is protected from disclosure under a contract.

In some cases, there may be blank pages in a document, due to either removal of information under section 78B, or by redaction through the decision-making process for the original RTI application. Blank pages will not be included in the disclosure log.

In what format will information be made available?

The documents in this disclosure log are made available in PDF format. Should you require the documents in an alternative format, please email Right to Information Services on and the department will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests.

How long will information be available on the disclosure log?

Documents will be available on the disclosure log for a minimum period of six months from the date they are published, after which time the documents may be removed. They will continue to be available electronically (e.g. on CD or DVD) on request until such time as the original application file is disposed of in accordance with the Public Records Act 2002. Should you require access to removed documents, please contact Right to Information Services.

Contact RTI Services

If you have any questions about the disclosure log, contact RTI Services by phone on (07) 3330 6111 or email