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AgTech journeys

The Queensland AgTech story

Queensland agribusiness has seen fantasy become fact—where agribusinesses adopting AgTech was once limited, now digital technologies have become standard.

Queensland is home to many AgTech enterprises, delivering innovative technology-enabled products and services that are transforming the landscape of Queensland agribusiness. Their products are usually geared towards Queensland conditions and meet our specific industry demands.

Queensland-made and serviced AgTech tools are giving producers the opportunity to learn more and integrate new technology solutions into their farming practices.

Agribusinesses are experienced in adapting and responding to the challenges of the day. Many farmers know evolving and transitioning to a digital future is a positive change presenting opportunity for growth and enhanced competitiveness. An innovation mindset and desire for change puts agribusinesses in good stead for this transition. Let’s learn from each other’s stories and embrace the journey towards next generation agriculture.

Those on the journey

The following stories highlight how fit-for-purpose technology has enabled agribusinesses to manage on-farm issues or explore opportunities to increase efficiencies and productivity.

Video case studies

Cottoning on to AgTech to make big chemical savings

Cotton has a reputation as a thirsty crop, but Queensland cotton growers are leaders in water-use efficiencies, in part thanks to locally developed AgTech. Goondiwindi grower Tom Arnott has used moisture and weather monitoring equipment from GoannaAg to help him boost efficiency, reduce water use and increase productivity … all helping him to get a good night’s sleep!

Big Data is making a BIG difference to this Queensland cotton farmer’s chemical spray regime

Sitting in a tractor for hours on end is part of a farmer’s job …. thanks to some world-leading Queensland AgTech, artificial intelligence is making a BIG difference. Dryland cropper and grazier Luke Arbuckle explains how software and big data from Goondiwindi agripreneurs InFarm have customised his tractor’s GPS to benefit his enterprise… by targeting his chemical use, he’s achieved a 97.4 per cent reduction through a customised precision spraying regime.

Smashed avo on toast and not trolley: Robots are the perfect packaging partner

Everyone loves avocado smashed on their toast – new technology is being used to help deliver this delectable delight in pristine condition. Watch how Ravensbourne’s Sunnyspot Packhouse is using robotics as the perfect packing partner for their produce … using the latest technology from Brisbane’s LYRO robotics.

The AgTech advantage: Mango producer transforms from tree to truck

The Martin family have been growing Queensland’s sweet, succulent summer fruit – mangoes – in the Bowen heartland since 1990. For 30 years they have been industry innovators, planting their first orchards in high density rows … and now they’ve developed an app to track every piece of fruit from root stock to retail. Listen to how this agripreneurial family has integrated AgTech into their business processes to track and trace fruit and business orders.

Turf 'n' Surf podcasts

AgTech: Where agriculture meets technology

This episode of Turf’n’Surf, looks at how Queensland’s agripreneurs are merging agriculture with technology to get AgTech onto their farms, innovatively harvesting modern technology to keep their businesses productive and competitive.

You’ll hear from Balonne Shire Council Mayor Samantha O’Toole, producer and agripreneur Andrew Sevil, and AgTech Sector Engagement Officer for the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Jason Huggins.

Find out how Queensland producers are taking a time-honoured can-do approach to solving 21st century problems to keep their businesses thriving and how the Queensland Government is supporting their efforts to improve the agriculture industry’s efficiency and profitability.

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The Queensland Government does not endorse or warrant the suitability of any AgTech product or service featured in these videos and podcasts. Whether a particular product or service is suitable or fit for purpose will depend on your unique circumstances, for example, your location, the type and size of your farm and concerns.It is strongly recommended that you undertake your own inquiries as to the suitability of any AgTech products or services for your individual needs.