Queensland Smart Farms are a network of farms and industry learning centres dedicated to advancing Australia’s agriculture and food industries through AgTech innovation.

They are test beds for new farming and supply chain practices and technologies to drive and support industry adoption.

Queensland Smart Farms combine world-leading research, development and extension programs with state-of-the-art facilities and established industry networks

For Industry, By Industry

To bring together the latest knowledge, technology and practices, our smart farms programs and initiatives are co-designed by:

  • industry
  • government
  • AgTech providers
  • producers
  • supply chain businesses
  • researchers.

AgTech for Smart Farms

AgTech refers to innovative technology used within primary industries and their supply chains for the purpose of improving efficiency and profitability.

AgTech at Queensland Smart Farms include:

  • digital technologies like intelligent apps, robotics, autonomy, and sensors.
  • non-digital technologies like protected cropping structures, fresh produce packaging, machinery, and biotechnology.


Situated within 2 of Queensland’s premier agricultural centres, our Smart Farm programs work in a range of climates, soils, production systems and supply chains across horticulture and broad-acre industries.

The 2 Smart Farms under development are:

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Last updated: 01 Nov 2022