Flinders Gilbert agricultural zone

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is assisting Queensland producers realize an opportunity to diversify into irrigated agriculture in two major Gulf river systems, the Flinders and Gilbert Rivers of North Queensland.

The upcoming release of irrigation water from both catchments will provide an opportunity for producers to diversify into irrigated cropping, which can provide a higher return per hectare than grazing. By unlocking the potential for irrigated agriculture, this initiative will contribute to the Queensland Government's goal of growing agricultural production.

Strategically, the department is supporting this initiative by working with other agencies and industry stakeholders to develop this area as Queensland's newest agricultural zone.

On the ground, department staff are supporting potential irrigators to make confident business decisions about their future, and how they can realise the economic potential of their land.

Contact the project team
Our North Queensland project staff can be contacted through our Customer Service Centre .