Opportunities in the Queensland beef supply chain

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries commissioned a series of independent studies of the beef supply chain to inform investment in the beef industry across regional Queensland.

Cattle production and beef processing are worth billions of dollars each year to Queensland’s economy. Queensland’s future as a beef exporter is brighter than ever with the forecast strong demand driven by global population increases, particularly with our existing export customers in Asia.

To maximise these opportunities and meet the needs of our customers, the entire Queensland beef supply chain needs to grow to be more efficient, more competitive and remain at the forefront of global beef innovations.

To support industry growth the Queensland Government has commissioned three independent studies providing current information that will inform Government policy and private sector due diligence and investment decisions.

The Queensland Government is aiming to increase private sector investment in Queensland.

The Study series includes:

A) Investment Outlook for the Queensland Beef Supply Chain

B) Cattle Supply and Abattoir Study

C) Assessing the impacts of the proposed land acquisitions at the Shoalwater Bay and Townsville Field Training Areas on cattle and beef supply chains.