Rookwood Weir Irrigated Crop Suitability Tool and report

Tool instructions

Use the left-hand menu in the Rookwood Weir Irrigated Crop Suitability Tool to access the following information and functions.

View a map of suitable land for a selected irrigated crop

  • Use the drop-down menu in 1: Select cropping and irrigation type to display.
  • Once a soil map loads, click the icon at the top left of the map to see the map legend Map legend icon .

Find a soil suitability report on a soil polygon’s suitability for all crops

  • The shapes outlined in black on soil maps are called ‘soil polygons’ and each has a unique soil profile and polygon number.
  • Click on any polygon to see its 'soil suitability report' for the selected crop and other crops.
  • Suitability ratings: Refer to the map legend by clicking the icon Map legend icon in the top left corner on the map.

Request a comprehensive crop and suitability soil report via email

  • Select a crop from the menu.
  • Click on the selector tool icon  Selector tool icon at 2. Select lots.
  • Click/drag the cursor over the map to select one or two Lot Plans. Lot Plans have blue boundaries.
  • Enter an email address at 3. Request a full report on selected lots and click submit.
  • Click on the trash icon to begin again Trash icon.

Find the minimum and maximum elevation and slope

  • This data will be displayed in a table at 5. Explore topography data in the left-hand menu, when one or more Lot Plans are selected.

Find elevation or slope at a specific point

  • Select ‘elevation’ or ‘slope’ from the drop-down menu at 4. Elevation and Slope data for selected lots.
  • Click on any point in the soil area.
  • Click play icon Forward or play icon in the pop-up window’s green bar to see an exact reading at the point you clicked.

Access the tool

Access the Rookwood Weir Irrigated Crop Suitability Tool.

Further assistance

If you require assistance with these maps or would like to provide feedback, please email us or call 13 25 23.