Sample maps of selected crops showing potential in hectares

The following sample maps show where there is suitable soil for some of the crops in the tool and a measure in hectares for each level of suitability. The maps and number of hectares differ according to of the specific crop and the method of irrigation used.

The maps rate land suitability for each crop/irrigation type as outlined below.

All suitable land is shown in green

  • Class 1—Suitable land with negligible limitations (dark green)
  • Class 2—Suitable land with minor limitations (mid green)
  • Class 3—Suitable land with moderate limitations good (light green)

All unsuitable land is shown in grey

  • Class 4—Marginal land which is presently unsuitable due to severe limitations (dark grey)
  • Class 5—Unsuitable land with extreme limitations (light grey)

Land suitability maps are provided for these crop/irrigation types

Further assistance

If you require assistance with these maps or would like to provide feedback, please email us or call 13 25 23.