Australian Weeds Strategy

The purpose of the Australian Weeds Strategy is to reduce the detrimental impact of weeds on agriculture and the environment.

The goals of the strategy are to:

  • prevent the development of new weed problems
  • reduce the impact of existing weed problems of national significance
  • provide the framework and capacity for ongoing management of weed problems of national significance.

The strategy addresses weed problems of national significance, in particular problems that:

  • threaten the profitability or sustainability of Australia's agricultural industries
  • constitute major threats to Australia´s biodiversity
  • require remedial action across several states and territories.

Under this strategy, 32 Weeds of National Significance (WONS) have been identified, and national strategies for all the species have been published.


  • The Australian National Weeds Strategy and strategies for the 32 WONS species are available from the Weeds Australia website. 

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