Recreational fishing

Snapper and pearl perch CLOSED SEASON: 15 July - 15 August

Snapper and pearl perch are a no-take species for all recreational, charter and commercial fishers from 12.01am on 15 July 2020, until 11.59pm on 15 August 2020.

If you catch a snapper or pearl perch during the closure, use good catch and release techniques – handle the fish correctly, remove the hook if it’s in the mouth or lip, cut the line and leave the hook in place if it’s in the gills or gut, and release the fish as soon as possible. Snapper may also need to be treated for barotrauma.

There are plenty of other species to fish for during this closure, including pelagic species like mahi mahi that are attracted to fish aggregating devices (FADs) anchored off South East Queensland.