Charter fishing industry opportunities

As part of the Charter Fishing Action Plan, Fisheries Queensland funded a project to identify growth opportunities for the charter fishing industry—to help grow regional businesses and jobs, and the economy.

BDO EconSearch was engaged to identify these opportunities and worked with a project team that included representatives from the charter fishing sector. BDO EconSearch completed a similar project for the South Australian charter fishing sector as part of an FRDC project.

In order to better understand the needs and wants of recreational fishers, and the capacity of the industry to meet future demand, the project team gathered comprehensive research data through surveys of Queensland's charter fishing clients and charter fishing operators.

Read the BDO EconSearch reports:

Industry opportunity plan

To achieve growth, the charter fishing industry needs to understand:

  • the needs and wants of the market (current, previous and potential clients)
  • how successful the industry is at meeting these needs and highlight gaps
  • the capacity and willingness of the industry to meet these needs, especially in areas where there are gaps.

Based on the evidence from these 2 surveys, BDO EconSearch developed a Queensland charter fishing industry opportunities plan (PDF, 244.7KB). The plan identifies opportunities and how charter operators can take advantage of them. It highlights 4 areas for charter fishing operators to focus on:

  • products and services offered
  • pricing of products and services
  • promotion of products and services
  • sale of products and services.

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