Fisheries monitoring and research

Profitable commercial and charter fisheries, enjoyable recreational fishing experiences and culturally important traditional fishing rely on our natural resources being used in a sustainable way – so we keep a close eye on fish stocks and the performance of management arrangements for each fishery.

  • Fisheries monitoring and reporting

    Our monitoring programs ensure a sustainable future for our fishery resources

  • Monitoring interactive map

    A visual representation of how we use the data from our monitoring programs

  • Fisheries data

    We use monitoring and research information to ensure our natural resources are used in a sustainable way

  • QFish

    View and download fisheries data

  • FishNet

    FishNet allows the public to view the Register of fishing authorities

  • Fisheries and aquaculture research

    Research on resource sustainability, stock assessment and breeding/grow out technologies for marine and freshwater species for aquaculture and fish stocking