Queensland fisheries summary report

The Queensland Fisheries Summary Report (PDF, 929.4KB) provides catch and effort information on Queensland's commercial fisheries. This data is updated twice a year.

Please note:

  • Fishery quota and logbook figures listed in this report may differ. Logbooks are designed to collect an estimated daily retained weight at sea, while quota figures reflect accurately weighed land-based figures from daily fishing activities.
  • There may be differences between logbook catch and effort figures presented in this report and the QFish database. QFish does not have the same level of specificity as the internal fisheries database.
  • Effort figures (licence numbers and number of days fished) in this report are not designed to be added across species or fisheries.
  • Queensland's fish price series dataset (gross value of product) was last updated in 2010 – prior to 2010, prices were updated sporadically. We are not certain of the potential difference between gross value of product values presented in this document and the current market value of individual species.

The report summarises statistics for the following method-based fisheries:

  • harvest fisheries – coral, crayfish and rock lobster, marine aquarium fish, eel, sea cucumber, minor harvest (including trochus and pearl)
  • line fisheries – coral reef fin fish, deepwater fin fish, east coast Spanish mackerel, Gulf of Carpentaria line, rocky feef fin fish
  • net fisheries – east coast inshore fin fish, Gulf of Carpentaria inshore fin fish
  • pot fisheries – blue swimmer crab, mud crab, spanner crab
  • trawl fisheries – east coast otter trawl, fin fish (stout whiting) trawl, Gulf of Carpentaria developmental fin fish trawl, river and inshore beam trawl

More information

For more catch and effort data please visit QFish, which allows you to analyse and present data in a table or map format.

To request data that isn’t available on QFish, email a completed data request form to fishdatacoordinator@daf.qld.gov.au.