Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel - member biographies

Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts is appointed as the independent Chair.  Associate Professor Tibbetts has an extensive research background in fish biology. Associate Professor Tibbetts is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Queensland and has published numerous research papers relating to marine sciences.

Dr Cathy Dichmont is appointed as a member.  Dr Dichmont has a well-established national and international reputation in stock assessment, modelling natural systems, natural resource management, shared fisheries stocks and management strategy evaluation. Dr Dichmont is the Director at Cathy Dichmont Consulting and an Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University. Dr Dichmont has over 20 years’ experience in temperate and tropical marine ecosystems at international and regional levels. She was the lead contributor to bio-economic modelling that rejuvenated prawn fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria for which she won the CSIRO medal for Research Achievement.

Mr Ian Cartwright is appointed as a member. Mr Cartwright has well-established expertise in fisheries management, including resource allocation, and contribution to chairing fisheries committees and panels both in Australia and internationally. Mr Cartwright was previously the independent chairperson of the New South Wales Structural Adjustment Review Committee and currently holds a seat on the Australian Fisheries Management Authority Commission.

Associate Professor Daryl McPhee is appointed as a member. Associate Professor McPhee has an extensive knowledge of fisheries research, including ongoing research and commentary on fisheries management in Australia. Associate Professor McPhee is the Associate Dean, Research at the Institute of Sustainable Development, Bond University, and an ex-director of the Australian Government’s Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. He has published over seventy reports and publications including the textbook Fisheries Management in Australia.

Dr Sean Pascoe is appointed as a member. Dr Pascoe has extensive experience in the development of bio-economic models for a range of fisheries around the world. Dr Pascoe is currently employed by the CSIRO as an Economist for the Oceans and Atmosphere Division. He has also worked extensively in the area of capacity and efficiency analysis in fisheries and has worked with the European Commission, International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations) on the development of fisheries management policies and guidelines.

Professor Natalie Stoeckl is appointed as a member. Professor Stoeckl is an economist with a keen interest in the environmental and social/distributional issues associated with economic growth – with extensive experience in a variety of non-market valuation, much focused on marine environments. Currently Associate Dean (Research) at the college of Business and Economics at the University of Tasmania, Professor Stoeckl has a track record for collaborative cross-disciplinary research using models that combine economic, environmental and social variables to explore interactions between socio-economic and ecological systems.