Privately owned native forests

What is happening to privately owned native forests?

Privately owned native forests have an important role in the future of the native timber industry. These areas supply around 60% of Queensland’s native hardwood timber resources. At the same time, they also provide important habitat for many species including koalas.

Recognising the need for an integrated approach, the government has identified that a study into sustainable future options for timber supply in SEQ also needs to consider the important role of privately-owned native forests. This will help to develop an understanding of this resource and the potential contribution it could make to the industry’s future.

The review of the Managing a native forest practice accepted development vegetation clearing code?

Native forestry on freehold and indigenous land is regulated through the code for Managing a native forest practice under the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

The Queensland Government committed to retaining accepted development vegetation clearing codes where they provide adequate environmental protections based on the best available science. Consistent with the review of all other codes, the native forest practice code will be scientifically reviewed by the Queensland Herbarium and CSIRO.

Advice on this code will also be sought from the native timber advisory panel. This will enable implications for industry to be identified and understood, and for an appropriate balance to be achieved between the protection of important environmental matters and impacts on industry.

The current Managing a native forest practice code continues to apply.