17 November 2023

TomKat Global Solutions, founded in 2019 in Far North Queensland, is on a mission to revolutionise cold chain packaging with its innovative KoolPak system . This re-usable packaging, protected by international patents and trademarks, embodies TomKat’s commitment to combating climate change and reducing waste.

TomKat is ‘financing up’ the move to full-scale production, with the capacity to create over 2 million KoolPaks annually and recycle used ones on-site. This venture is not only a boon for the environment, but also a significant economic driver, set to generate over 180 jobs in the local north Queensland community.

The KoolPak also offers end-to-end monitoring and traceability through blockchain technology. Every unit can be traced from production to disposal. Near-field communication (NFC) tags embedded in the packaging facilitate this process, allowing for seamless tracking and temperature monitoring. These tags can be read using NFC scanners or even a mobile phone.

This traceability ensures the integrity of the supply chain, minimises losses and accounts for environmental impacts, including carbon emissions.

This initiative aligns perfectly with Australia’s National Plastics Plan 2021, which aims to have all packaging be re-usable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. The KoolPak serves as a sustainable alternative to expanded polystyrene, commonly used in the cold chain industry.

“Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is one of Thailand's largest private companies and a global seafood industry leader. CPF embraces the circular economy and its compatibility with the innovative KoolPak. In partnership with TomKat, CPF has evaluated the quantifiable benefits and the impact of re-usability. Utilising KoolPak significantly reduces costs, waste and carbon emissions associated with the cold chain packaging process.” - Charoen Pokphand Foods

The true value of the KoolPak revolves around its re-use model. With each use, it becomes more cost-effective for the owner while reducing its environmental footprint. After three re-uses, the KoolPak proves to be as cost-effective, if not cheaper, than other cold chain boxes on the market. Plus, it slashes carbon emissions by around 65% just from shipping, all of which can be meticulously tracked. The technological advances of the KoolPak help protect the value of the food we produce and reduce unnecessary and costly food loss.

Co-Founder and Director Kath says“Just think of the KoolPak like a boomerang … after all, it is Australian designed and made!”

TomKat Global Solutions stands as a beacon of progress, demonstrating how businesses can lead the way in sustainable practices.