17 November 2023

N-Drip Australia is revolutionising irrigation for the broadacre farming sector by offering a sustainable alternative to flood irrigation and for dryland crops, especially in regions where the capital costs associated with traditional pressurised irrigation systems are prohibitive.

N-Drip’s standout feature is the way it uses the power of gravity, combined with a novel micro- irrigation technique, giving it great versatility. Compatible with any laser-levelled field, the system opens doors for a wide range of growers keen to transform their fields. By doing so, they can boost their farm’s productivity, increase yields, maintain soil health and ensure their land remains a valuable asset.

Committed to pushing the boundaries of precision and efficiency, the company also introduced N-Drip Connect™, a state-of-the-art decision support system. Monitoring plant health while simultaneously delivering continuous irrigation and nitrogen recommendations, this system enables farmers to optimise water and nitrogen use, increase crop yields and guarantee the overall vitality of their plants.

The Rother family from Nangwee tested the N-Drip system on their cotton crops. The results? A staggering 26% water saving, and 47% higher yield compared to their traditional flood-irrigated yields. Howard Rother’s testimonial speaks volumes: ‘The drip field yielded 11 bales to the hectare compared to the flood’s 7.5—an outstanding outcome.

The system not only justified its cost in one year, but the water savings also enable us to introduce an additional crop rotation.’ Howard has already converted about 50% of his farm to N-Drip irrigation and plans on converting the rest of his cotton blocks in the near future.

Udi David Stern, N-Drip Australia General Manager, says, ‘We started with a single office in Cairns, and have since expanded to Toowoomba, including a leased warehouse. We’ve grown from a single employee in the first year to a team of 13 today, with eight based in Queensland.’

‘Initially, our block sizes averaged between two and five hectares. This increased to 38 hectares last year. Impressively, our sales have tripled year-on-year for the past three years and are projected to double this financial year,’ says Udi.

‘Queensland’s innovation ecosystem has been incredibly supportive of our endeavours. The AgTech and Logistics Hub in Toowoomba, for instance, provided a nurturing environment for over 18 months before we established our own base. The strategic location near Brisbane’s port and proximity to the Darling Downs farming community have also been advantageous,’ says Gary Campbell, N-Drip Australia Operations Manager.

With the escalating demand for water-efficient agricultural methods, N-Drip could redefine the future of cotton farming in drought-prone areas, delivering benefits to both farmers and the environment.