17 November 2023

EHS Manufacturing is a regionally based business, supporting the traditional mining and agriculture sectors through innovation.

EHS Manufacturing spent the first 10 of its 22 years in business reacting to immediate industry needs by manufacturing products to repair mining and agriculture implements. This ‘business as usual’ model dramatically shifted in 2016 when EHS Manufacturing developed its first international patent, thus owning the product it manufactured. This represented a shift from being reactive in its operations to a proactively driven, future-focused model.

‘We wanted to fill a gap in the market and limit our competition. We did this by changing our customer demographic, providing a niche product through innovation and securing our own IP,’ says Steve Lawn, EHS Managing Director.

EHS is at the forefront of innovative design and manufacturing of products that provide productivity gains and safe economical solutions to industries’ challenges. As a leader in the AgTech ecosystem, an innovation culture is enabled across all employees, driven by the ‘no boundaries’ approach that has freely enabled creativity.

Steve says innovation at the workplace occurs by many minds working collectively to engineer and design products for market.

‘If we work it out, it will work out,’ Steve says.

Creating niche products requires a skilled and unique workforce, says Steve. The next generation of talent will be attracted to careers at EHS Manufacturing as the work involves a balance of both academic and practical skills.

‘We do what they love doing,’ says Steve.

‘Attracting young people who have the aptitude and cognitive ability to engineer and be creative, with a balance of practical trade skills of machinists, fitters and fabricators, is what our business is seeking.’

The business continues to grow and has expanded into an international market, exporting to over 14 countries. EHS Manufacturing now has three international patents in agriculture, with a fourth family of patents currently under development.

The mission of EHS Manufacturing is to build a successful company with the best people doing the job they love in a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere that they helped create.