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News on research, developments and opportunities for Queensland’s plant, cropping, horticulture, livestock and forestry industries.

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Monthly issues

March 2020

In this issue:

  • Fall armyworm detected in North Queensland
  • New grants for Queensland exporters hit by Coronavirus
  • More food. More jobs. More opportunities!

February 2020

In this issue:

  • Crafting the perfect beer!
  • Fruit that tastes like lollies?
  • Rebuilding after bushfires

January 2020

In this issue:

  • Happy International Year of Plant Health
  • New climate outlooks
  • Monitoring horses through drought

December 2019

In this issue:

  • African swine fever: Queensland preparedness
  • Bushfire recovery assistance
  • Say ‘cheers’ to Queensland BrewLab

November 2019:

In this issue:

  • November climate outlook review
  • Getting local produce on Queensland tables
  • Drought advice from the desert

October 2019

In this issue:

  • Fish attractors: Dams of dreams
  • Cocoa pod trial is a hit with researchers
  • Dam desilting rebate available

September 2019

In this issue:

  • Financial assistance for bushfire affected producers
  • Queensland strawberry industry—more strawesome than ever
  • Additional freight subsidies now available

August 2019

In this issue:

  • Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants extended
  • Cluster fencing—counting sheep never felt so good (podcast)
  • Mungbean industry leadership recognised at awards

August 2019: Drought and climate update

In this issue:

  • Trialling new varieties
  • Dam Desilting Rebate
  • Rainfall and pasture growth poster updates

July 2019

In this issue:

  • Growing for Queensland
  • New Turf'n'Surf podcast
  • New generation pineapple breeding

June 2019

In this issue:

  • AgTrends: data and expert forecasts
  • Crunch into a sweet Kalei apple
  • TropAg2019 returns to Brisbane

May 2019

In this issue:

  • Trialling new varieties
  • Dam Desilting Rebate
  • FORAGE Ground Cover report

May 2019: Drought and climate update

April 2019: New dam desilting rebate