Biosecurity news

Biosecurity Queensland's newsletter covers animal health, plant health, weeds and pest animals, changes in legislation, upcoming events and news stories.

June 2019

In this issue:

  • Campaign urges marine users to LOOK, REPORT, PROTECT
  • Teaming up against pest toad
  • Red-eared slider turtle invasion – and more!

May 2019

In this issue:

  • new regulations protecting Queensland farms
  • biosecurity entity registration
  • upcoming Australian Biosecurity Symposium – and more!

Summer 2019

In this issue:

  • Flood recovery continues for producers
  • Welcome to the ‘Year of the pig’
  • Prawn farmers back in business
  • Industry group to review Queensland’s cattle tick line

February 2019: North & Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough

  • A list of support packages and services for Queensland’s primary producers and community members affected by this monsoonal event.

Spring 2018

In this issue:

  • Cattle pregnancy testing and ovarian scanning
  • Biosecure HACCP gets tick of approval
  • Time to review the Bio Act
  • Minimising risks in drought

Winter 2018

In this issue:

  • Have your say on a national vision for biosecurity
  • Outstanding contribution to plant biosecurity science
  • Everything you need to know about electric ants in Queensland
  • Cattle tick + multi-topic roadshow coming to a town near you, and more.

Autumn 2018

In this issue:

  • Queenslanders get behind responsible dog breeding
  • Upskilling Biosecurity Queensland field staff
  • 10-year fire ant eradication plan for SEQ
  • Minimising the impacts of white spot disease, and more.

Summer 2018

In this issue:

  • Countdown to Exercise Border Bridge
  • QATC and AgForce collaborate to boost biosecurity strength in Queensland
  • Stay tough on weeds this summer
  • Biosecurity Queensland visits Nepal for foot-and-mouth disease preparedness, and more.

Spring 2017

In this issue:

  • Biosecurity Partners' Forum and National Biosecurity Committee Roundtable
  • Biosecurity Queensland's seafood ad wins award
  • Fire ants on target for destruction
  • Queenslanders take the lead on dog breeder registration, and more.

Winter 2017

In this issue:

  • Planning for the future of Biosecurity Queensland
  • Unregistered dog breeders barking up the wrong tree
  • Asian green mussel near Weipa
  • Let's eradicate limnocharis together, and more.