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Farm check-in

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Use Farm check-in to record visitors to your agricultural property. Recording visitors is a key component of a biosecurity management plan and can help you and your visitors to meet your general biosecurity obligation.

Download and display the Farm check-in front gate signage on your property entrance to help visitors check-in to your property.

Before you start

  • confirm the property owner’s email address to send a copy. You can still complete the form without the property owner’s email as a record of meeting your general biosecurity obligation
  • check with the property owner about how your personal information will be managed.

Emergency services personnel are not required to complete this form.

Read about Q Fever and travel history before entering a property.

Traveller history Q fever

Your details

A fossicking licence is required in Queensland. Licences can also be purchased from the nearest regional or district office. Click here for more information or a fossicking licence agent.

These activities are regulated under small scale mining code.

When entering this property, you must comply with the requirements outlined in the Land Access Code. If your company has a Land Access Protocol, this guideline must be followed as it provides the standards, commitments and expecations when entering and accessing agricultural land.

When entering this property under any legislation, you have a general biosecurity obligation to manage biosecurity risks under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Your conduct and compensation agreement should set out an agreed process for notifying landholders, for managing when and how you can access the process and how you manage your general biosecurity obligation under the Biosecurity Act 2014 to the landholder to protect their business.

Your conduct and compensation agreement outlines the activities and process you must undertake while on the property. However, you have a general biosecurity obligation to manage biosecurity risks under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Read the Land Access Code to see how it applies to you and the activities you are undertaking at today's visit. For all other activities, you must meet your general biosecurity obligation when accessing an agricultural property.

Any movement of soil or materials that have contacted soil outside the property should be considered under this obligation.

It is strongly recommended that you make all reasonable attempts to make contact with the property owner or manager before entering the property.

Company details

A form must be completed for each vehicle entering the property.

Display information
Contact details
Display information
Contact details – visitor 1
Contact details – visitor 2
Contact details – visitor 3
Contact details – visitor 4
Contact details – visitor 5
Has the property owner or manager requested a copy of this checklist?
Acknowledgement to meet my general biosecurity obligation Display information
Where a biosecurity management plan has been made by a registered biosecurity entity, I/we acknowledge that it is an offence under the Biosecurity Act 2014 to fail to comply with the measures stated in the plan when entering, present at, or leaving the management area for the plan unless there is a reasonable excuse. *
I/we have taken all reasonable and practical steps to manage the biosecurity risks that my activities pose. *
I/we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure anything brought onto the property is clean (e.g. clothing and footwear, vehicles, equipment and machinery). *
In the event I become aware of prohibited or restricted matter being managed under a program on the property, I understand that I am obliged to take all reasonable steps to not contribute to its spread. *
I/we will follow any reasonable direction or instruction by the property owner or manager while on the property (this includes using designated driving tracks, observing signage, leaving gates as you find them and removing rubbish). *
I/we will report any biosecurity risks or pest and diseases that I/we become aware of while on the property to the property owner or manager and/or Biosecurity Queensland as soon as reasonably possible. *

When submitting this form, the information will be sent to the email addresses you have provided. The information contained in this form is not being sent to or stored by the Queensland Government.

Last updated: 02 Aug 2021

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