Biosecurity planning to protect your property

If an unauthorised person enters your property, call the police on 000 if it is an emergency or PoliceLink on 131 444 if there is no immediate threat.

Nobody should ever enter anyone else’s property unless they have been given permission, are authorised under legislation or a contract, or have a valid reason. A valid reason includes emergency services for emergency situations and essential service organisations to maintain safe and reliable services. Other exemptions exist for personnel who are required or permitted by law to enter property, for example, utility providers, exploratory mining permit holders and gas exploration etc.

Unauthorised entry at places where animals are kept can pose biosecurity risks. This includes the spread of diseases from infected people to animals and the spread of diseases and pests carried on people (e.g. clothing, footwear), vehicles or equipment moving onto a property.

Under the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016 (the Regulation), anybody that enters your property must comply with your biosecurity management plan when they enter or leave and while they are on your property. The Regulation only applies to those properties that are registered as a registrable biosecurity entity (RBE).

To support the security of your property under this regulation, RBEs are encouraged to:

  • ensure you are registered as a biosecurity entity with Biosecurity Queensland
  • have an up-to-date biosecurity management plan in place for your property that aligns to the biosecurity regulation:
    • If you already have a biosecurity plan in place, a checklist is available to support you in upgrading this plan to ensure it aligns to the legislation.
    • If you don’t have a plan in place, a template for developing a biosecurity management plan which aligns to the regulation is available from Animal Health Australia
  • place a sign at the front gate and other access points that:
    • advises a biosecurity management plan is in place
    • tells visitors how they can contact you during business hours
  • keep all doors, gates and other entry points locked when staff are not present
  • keep records of audits, staff training and biosecurity procedures up-to-date and at hand
  • consider installing security measures such as CCTV video surveillance
  • carefully consider applicants and terms of employment before hiring new staff.

Biosecurity management plan property signs

It is an offence for someone entering, being present on, or leaving a management area on your property to not to comply with the biosecurity management plan for your property. Those who do not comply with this provision could be issued with an on the spot fine of 5 penalty units or, if it is a serious breach of the general biosecurity obligation they can be prosecuted to appear in court with a maximum fine of 500 penalty units if found guilty.

Download an approved sign. If you prefer, you may make your own sign. Suggested dimensions of the sign are 900mm x 600mm.

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