About us

DAF creates value for Queensland by connecting industries, the community and government to grow the economy and safeguard the natural environment. These activities ensure Queensland is a world-leader in providing high-quality, safe and sustainably produced food and fibre.

At DAF, we manage community resources, applying science to improve production and products, leading the fight on animal and plant pests and diseases, and working constructively with stakeholders for mutual benefit. DAF’s work makes a significant contribution to the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community through our strategies and service delivery initiatives. The department operates in more than 90 locations across the state. Around 68% of our staff live and work in locations outside Brisbane’s central business district, contributing to Queensland’s vibrant regional communities.

Our organisational chart (PDF, 93.8KB) reflects the high-level structure of the department.

Our visual identity represents our connection to the land, sea and each other.

Our business areas

We are structured to deliver our objectives through 4 service areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries and Forestry
  • Biosecurity Queensland
  • Corporate.


Agriculture works with industry associations and all levels of government to provide operating conditions and services that enable businesses to develop the workforce, manage risks and build resilience, and improve market supply chains. It also manages the delivery of regional assistance to industry.

Within Agriculture, Agri-Science Queensland undertakes research, development and extension to lift the productivity of Queensland's agricultural businesses.

More information can be found in Agriculture.

Fisheries and Forestry

Fisheries and Forestry manages the sustainability and allocation of fisheries and forestry resources for all Queenslanders. This is vital to create the basis for profitable businesses and enjoyable recreational fishing experiences for locals and visitors.

Fisheries and Forestry ensures fisheries remain sustainable and productive by:

  • monitoring, determining and controlling access and development as needed
  • providing education and enforced fishing regulations to promote equitable access to fisheries resources
  • maintaining supplies of state owned forest products and quarry materials to industry.

More information can be found in Fisheries and Forestry.

Biosecurity Queensland

Biosecurity Queensland leads the Government's efforts to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases threatening agricultural prosperity, the environment, social amenity and human health. This is achieved by maintaining access to markets, protecting animal welfare and reducing the risk of contamination from agricultural chemicals.

More information can be found in Biosecurity.


The business areas are supported by corporate services delivering finance, information technology, communications and engagement services, digital engagement and systems management, human resources and organisational performance management.


The Queensland Government has a long history in working with agriculture, fisheries and forestry communities. Over the past 100 years, industry has changed and developed, as we have with them.

View our historical highlights (PDF, 422.7KB) to find out more.

Strategic direction

Strategic plan

Our strategic plan outlines our purpose and sets our vision and objectives for the next 4 years.  It identifies the strategies we will use to achieve our objectives, as well as key performance indicators, risks and opportunities.

Annual report

Our annual report is an account of our work and financial position for the 12 months ending 30 June—it reflects our performance against our strategic plan.

Contact us

Please contact us to find out more about our organisation, including our office locations.

ABN 66 934 348 189