AgTech development and adoption is key to the profitability and responsiveness of Queensland’s agriculture supply chain. The Queensland Government is committed to accelerating AgTech in this sector and through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, positioning Queensland as a world leader.

If you are a farmer, investor, venture capitalist, inventor, agripreneur or a consumer, you are invited to join our AgTech- Growing your future community to explore the frontiers of technology and learn how Queensland agriculture is becoming more productive, profitable and sustainable.

Our vision

Our AgTech vision is to connect, inspire, and support the AgTech ecosystem. We want to build a responsive and agile agribusiness and food sector by embracing industry transformation through AgTech solutions, and enhanced digital capability.


Encourage talent, investment and ideas to drive AgTech development and innovation in business. We look to inspire agripreneurs and agribusinesses to engage in the AgTech ecosystem.


Build capability in AgTech to meet the challenges from current and future disruptions to create a resilient agribusiness sector.


Create conditions to drive innovation in AgTech and the agriculture sector.


Enhance efficiencies and sustainability in business through AgTech innovations. We are strengthening agribusiness connectivity to build capability and optimise industry performance.

Our focus

To bring together researchers, development specialists and professionals to unleash the potential of AgTech. Our focus is to:

  • drive practice change by supporting Queensland agribusinesses to commence a journey to identify, explore, and adopt AgTech where it’s beneficial.
  • support agribusinesses to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability through AgTech solutions.
  • coordinate and connect with Queensland agribusiness by enhancing relationships, industry partnerships and learnings.
  • explore the potential for adopting digital applications and decision support systems.

Strategic direction

The opportunities for transformation through AgTech and innovation are significant and expanding. Enhanced digital capability will help agribusinesses unlock their potential. View the key Queensland Government strategies supporting industry transformation here.

Queensland agriculture has a proud history

We have a long history of innovating to feed, clothe and protect our growing world population.

Agriculture is no stranger to integrating new technologies into business. The first flourishing of modern AgTech was in the early 1900s with the need to boost food production systems to meet rising consumer demand.

By the 1950s Queensland farmers were using steel ploughs and implements, tractors, combine harvesters and fertilisers to boost production efficiencies.

Later, biotechnology assisted agriculture to improve crop yields and withstand pests and diseases. Computer and digital technologies led another farming revolution right across the value chain—in paddocks, packing sheds, farm offices, distribution warehouses, transport infrastructure and at points of sale.

Today, Queensland agriculture has a global reputation for clean, green and sustainable food, fibre and foliage. Investment in our AgTech agripreneurs will lead to new solutions to our ever-evolving consumer demands. AgTech is the transformative frontier.