Commercialisation, intellectual property and copyright works

Commercialisation opportunities

Our department offers individuals and entities opportunities for commercialisation in world-class research and development (R&D).

These ventures support business growth and sustainability in Queensland's agriculture industries.

R&D intellectual property opportunities include:

  • plant breeders' rights
  • new technologies backed by patent protection
  • copyright works including
    • software
    • databases
    • scholarly scientific publications
    • photographs
    • teaching and training packages.

Find out about:

Copyright works for licence

Copyright works can be used in published material, advertising, training and education, and business development.

Information resources for teaching and training

We have training manuals and publications on a broad range of food, fibre and agribusiness sectors that are useful for training. Opportunities exist to reproduce these publications as study material or for business management. To access these resources, apply to use copyright .


We have a range of photographs on Queensland's primary industries from agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and forestry to insect pests and crop diseases.

About our intellectual property

How the intellectual property process works

To improve productivity we grant licences to develop, market and sell R&D intellectual property (IP) products, technology or copyright works. Where feasible, licences are granted through an open tendering process.

By offering R&D outcomes for commercial development, we ensure new and improved products are easily available to primary industries. Revenue from these ventures is reinvested into agricultural R&D.

Agri-Science Queensland

Agri-Science Queensland manages this commercialisation for the department. They also manage the commercialisation of copyright works such as books and other publications, images, software and databases.

Agri-Science Queensland manages a large number of commercial licences and maintains the department's IP register. The register details our stock of IP assets, including plant breeder's rights, patents, trademarks and a list of trade secrets.