BQC: Future state

The objective of the BQC: Future State project is to support core organisational capability within BQ to respond to the evolving environment and become a leader and enabler of the Queensland Biosecurity system.

The BQC: Future State project will involve delivering a number of outcomes for Biosecurity Queensland between July 2017 and June 2020, these include:

  • Organisation Redesign including an implementation plan
  • Organisational Capability Framework including workforce segmentation
  • Workforce Capability Framework including implementation plan and
  • Strategic BQ Workforce Plan 2019-2022
  • Operational Workforce Capability Development Plan 2017-18 with a specific focus on the priority skills identified in the QBCR report
  • Skills mapping
  • Workforce Capability Development Plans.

It is important to note that the BQC: Future State project will examine both organisational capability including business system capabilities (where business systems are defined in terms of IT and procedures) and workforce capabilities. Workforce capabilities include general and leadership capabilities that are highly transferrable between roles and, business and technical capabilities that are usually more context specific.