Queensland Biosecurity Strategy 2018-2023

The Queensland Biosecurity Strategy: Our Next Five Years (2018–2023) has been endorsed by the Queensland Government.

The strategy was co-developed by the Queensland Government, more than 30 peak industry organisations and members of the community.

In operating the system together, the partners committed to protecting Queensland's ecosystems, industries and way of life, maintaining Queensland's national and international reputation for product safety and integrity and ensuring ongoing market access for our commodities.

Six strategic themes were identified to underpin the vision for the system over the next five years.

Queensland Biosecurity Strategy - Six Key Themes

Collaborative Governance & Leadership
Shared decision making, shared responsibility and co-managing the system with our key biosecurity partners.

Every Queenslander plays their part
Adopting behaviour change approaches by tapping into the science of people

Empowered to act
Giving people the capacity and acpability to take up any newly fostered sense of willingness to participate (e.g. skills, training and incentive schemes).

Bright ideas and better way
Innovating (both in research and business process) and find ways to prioritise R&D beyond production-based R&D.

Valuing and building on our investments
Maximising our environmental, social & economic returns by putting our resources to best use.

Better intelligence systems
Adopting the tools and ecision making systems/ frameworks themselves that help us make smarter decisions.

How we developed the strategy

The principle of co-development underpins the creation of the strategy. This process included:

  • a series of forums with our partners to ensure that we understood independent recommendations about where biosecurity capability needed improvement and to articulate our shared vision for the future
  • meeting with keynote speakers and experts in allied fields to learn from how they manage risk, innovate and get engagement/ownership from the community
  • developing working drafts to test for understanding
  • taking ideas from our writing group about how to move from strategy development to action planning
  • collaborating with the Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial Council (BQMAC) to find ways to have our progress in future action planning be independently monitored and evaluated.

Where to from here

We will co-develop action plans for each of the themes to align and build on the goals outlined in the strategy. For these plans to be successful, we will need to ensure they are monitored and reported in an accountable way.

  • Action planning

    developing a series of action plans based on each of the six strategic themes.

  • Measuring our performance

    How Biosecurity Queensland will measure the implementation of the Biosecurity Strategy 2018-2023