Action planning

Pilot approach

The strategy is just the first part of strategic planning. In order to implement our partners’ vision for the future, we will need action plans and an accountability framework to underpin this.

As the diagram shows – our initial proposal for our partners is that we develop a series of action plans based on each of the 6 strategic themes. As this is a new approach to strategic direction for planning in biosecurity – our independent Biosecurity Ministerial Advisory Council has endorsed a pilot approach. We will be piloting one of the 6 themes for a co-development. Our first theme for development will be engagement and behaviour change in biosecurity (Theme 2).

If the pilot approach is progressing and is accepted by our new decision making groups, we will start to roll out a similar approach for all 6 themes.

Our proposed pilot approach would involve:

  • Subject matter experts - setting up groups of theme based experts (e.g. behavioral scientists and engagement and extension experts ) to develop the ideas to deliver on the partner’s objectives and to help develop planning documents for consideration by decision makers
  • Decision makers - using a ‘statement of intent’ to invite a group of key decision makers from across government and stakeholders to participate in priority setting and decision making for the system
  • Independent monitoring - having our Biosecurity Ministerial Advisory Council develop frameworks for independent monitoring and reporting on our collective progress

How we will measure and evaluate

Independent monitoring and reporting framework is a critical part of ensuring we are meeting our goals and objectives. The Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial Advisory Council is well placed to work in this space and has agreed to work with our partnership group to progress this work. Read about how we will measure our performance.