Measuring our performance

One of the commitments that our partners make in joining our decision-making group is that they remain open and accountable regarding the progress of delivery on the outcomes, benefits and action plans. We want to make sure our collective efforts are producing the desired results and the benefits of strategically planning in a collective way are being realised.

As a partnership – it will be up to each of our organisations to decide where they pitch their effort and what key performance indicators they will commit to.

The Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial Advisory Council (BQMAC) is an independent body. It will be well placed to advise our participants about whether their plans are a balance between ‘stretching’ the desired targets yet remaining attainable. One of BQMAC’s first tasks will be to investigate other models used by jurisdictions for monitoring and reporting on strategic outcomes.

As we work together to develop the strategic planning and monitoring framework, we will decide the best way to report progress under our collective action plan.

We will create a reporting system that:

  • meets the need for accountability
  • does not place undue administrative burden on our partners
  • recognises the voluntary nature of our partner’s participation in the strategic planning process.

The independent BQMAC will work with decision makers, government and subject matter experts to ensure that we get the balance right.

More information will be shared as the partnership progresses and lessons are learned from our pilot approaches.