Report illegal fishing in Queensland

Report illegal fishing in Queensland:

  • call the 24-hour Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116 (toll free within Queensland)
  • submit a form

Include as much information as possible

  • Date, time and area where it took place.
  • Registration numbers and description of any vehicles or boats involved.
  • Details of the people involved (if known).
  • An accurate description of the activity (e.g. setting large numbers of crab pots, netting the local creek on low tides).

Illegal fishing activities

  • Illegal use of nets.
  • Fishing in closed waters or during closed seasons.
  • Taking female crabs.
  • Taking undersize fish or exceeding possession limits.
  • Exceeding crab pot/dilly limits.
  • Destruction or disturbance of marine habitat.
  • Interfering with other people's crab pots/dillies or other fishing gear.
  • Taking oysters from licensed oyster grounds.