State-owned quarry material

Forest Products is a business unit of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries responsible for the allocation and sale of state-owned quarry material.

Our business activities extend across state forests, timber reserves, leasehold lands, reserves, public roads and certain freehold lands where the state owns the quarry material.

We conduct our business on a commercial and environmentally responsible basis. We follow legislation and policies for the protection of environmental, social, cultural and economic values.

To purchase state-owned quarry material a permit is required under the Forestry Act. Permits include conditions to satisfy legislation including safety and environmental requirements. Read more about the sale of state-owned quarry material and find out about the quantities of state-owned native timber removals.

Forest Products is also responsible for activities related to the supply of native forest timber and other forest products under the Forestry Act 1959. Read more about State native forestry.