Research and development

Our research focuses on key areas that build a sustainable forestry industry, reflect the needs of local and regional communities and a thriving environment, and stimulate private investment.  In support of Queensland's forestry and timber processing industries, worth $3.8 billion (2016 figures), our research focuses on:

  • improving forest productivity, fire management, carbon balance and wood quality
  • developing sustainable support systems for managing and protecting forests against pests and diseases
  • developing new wood products and processing systems and improving timber durability
  • Strategy and impact

    Our research goal is to improve the profitability and sustainability of Queensland’s forestry industries, identifying key impact areas

  • Our partnerships

    Our work with the forest and forest product industries and our alliances and collaborations with industry, business and other research agencies

  • Facilities and capacity

    Forest and wood research is conducted at several government facilities or partner locations across Queensland

  • Forest production

    Plantation managers need access to fast-growing tree species that are adapted to drought and clarity about management effects on forest growth and carbon balance

  • Forest protection

    To maintain sustainable and healthy forests, managers need to reduce the impact of pests and diseases and implement effective practices to minimise the risk of introducing pests or diseases

  • Forest product innovation

    A changing economic climate demands that industries develop reliable wood products and efficient wood processing technologies

  • Scientific publications

    Scientific papers on forestry research are accessible from the eResearch Archive (eRA)

  • Research case studies

  • Resources for industry—guides and digital tools

    Guidelines and information for forestry industries developed through forestry science and technologies research