Charter fishing update

The latest news on recreational and commercial fishing, and aquaculture in Queensland.

July 2023

  • Management changes for east coast Spanish mackerel
  • Spanish mackerel research project
  • Logbook compliance

April 2023

  • Join a fishery working group: cast your application
  • Spot small problems now, avoid big bills later

November 2022

  • $250,000 in grants up for grabs
  • Bait restrictions: aquacultured or farmed fish

October 2022

  • NEW Spanish mackerel harvest strategy
  • REMINDER: Spanish mackerel northern closed seasons
  • Business Launchpad

April 2022

  • Have your say: Spanish mackerel management action
  • Working group communiques

August 2020

In this issue:

  • COVID-19 update

June 2020

In this issue:

  • Requirements for charter business
  • Economic support for business
  • Tourism business support
  • Promoting charter fishing after COVID-19