Rust fungi of Australia

Rust Fungi of Australia is an interactive key for known species of plant-pathogenic rust fungi (Pucciniomycotina) from Australia. Rust fungi parasitise a wide range of host plants, including ferns, conifers, and angiosperms. Worldwide, there are about 8,000 species of rust fungi and approximately 200 generic names have been proposed.

With Rust Fungi of Australia, you can:

  • use the interactive Lucid key to quickly and accurately identify species of rust fungi found in Australia
  • access comprehensive information for each species, including descriptions, field photos, scanned specimens, and light micrographs
  • browse information by species and view supplementary information, including a host index and list of references.

How to cite this site

Shivas RG, Beasley DR, McTaggart AR (2014). Online identification guides for Australian smut fungi (Ustilaginomycotina) and rust fungi (Pucciniales). IMA Fungus 5: 195–202.