Our policies

The department has a large number of policies, procedures and guidelines which affect the services that we provide to the community.

Copies of these documents are available for inspection in accordance with section 20 of the Right to Information Act 2009. Please note that some information may be deleted or withheld if its release is deemed exempt or contrary to the public interest.

Please contact us for more information on our policies and procedures.

The policies listed below relate specifically to the way the public can interact with the department.

Policy register

Prosecution PolicyPolicyCorporate / Legal3.00658
Public Interest Disclosure Policy and ProcedurePolicy and procedureCorporate / Human resources3.01709
Complaints management frameworkFrameworkCorporate / Human resources2.01835
Fraud, Corruption and Misconduct Control PolicyPolicyCorporate / Human resources2.03918
Complaints about the Director-General PolicyPolicyCorporate / Human resources1.061469
Administrative Release Policy and ProcedurePolicy and procedureCorporate / Governance2.004358
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples commercial fishing development policyPolicyFisheries / Indigenous1.005397
Queensland Harvest Startegy PolicyPolicyFisheries / Commercial2.015464
Policy for fish stocking in QueenslandPolicyFisheries / Freshwater1.005500
Fisheries working groups guidelineGuidelineFisheries / General2.025505
Developmental fishing policyPolicyFisheries / Commercial5.005608
Recreational fishing on a commercial operation policyPolicyFisheries / General1.005682
Guideline for Queensland's Commercial and Charter Fishing Grant ProgramGuidelineFisheries / General1.025684
Guidelines on Queensland's Fishing Infrastructure Grants ProgramGuidelineFisheries / Recreational1.005685
Guideline for Queensland's Community Fishing GrantsGuidelineFisheries / General1.045686
Guideline on administration of Queensland's Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS)GuidelineFisheries / Recreational1.005688
Queensland Indigenous Fishing & Forestry Grants GuidelineGuidelineFisheries / Indigenous1.016596
Policy For The Allocation of N15 Fisheries SymbolPolicyFisheries / General1.006647
Policy for the allocation of temporary NX symbols for January 2024PolicyFisheries / Recreational1.006648
Policy for the allocation and operation of the NX fisheryPolicyFisheries / General1.006655
Customer complaint policy and procedurePolicy and procedureCorporate / Human resources1.006656

In addition to the departmental policies, the following Queensland Government policies are essential to the way we conduct our business.

Code of Conduct for the Queensland public sector

Members of the public service must comply with the Code of Conduct for the Queensland public sector.

Procurement Policy

The Queensland Procurement Policy contains the broader rules under which procurement is conducted by all government agencies. Each agency then has its own more detailed purchasing procedures, which sets out how their officers will buy goods and services.

Further general information about procurement is available from the Queensland Government website.