Our finances

Financial accountability framework

The Financial Accountability Act 2009 (Qld) (FAA Act) sets out strategic legal obligations with which the department must comply.

The Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009, issued under the FAA Act, provides a framework for the department to develop and implement systems, practices and controls for efficient, effective and economic financial and performance management.

For the purposes of administering good practice financial management within the department, we maintain a Financial Management Practice Manual, which details the department’s financial policies.

Financial statements

After the completion of each financial year, the department prepares and tables in Parliament its Financial Statements. The financial statements form part of the department's annual report.

State budget - Service delivery statements

The State Government provides a State Budget annually. The Service Delivery Statements form part of the State Budget Papers. The Service Delivery Statements detail the department's financial and non-financial information for the coming financial year, including budgets, staffing and performance highlights.

Procurement, tendering and contracts

The Queensland Procurement Policy contains the broader rules under which procurement is conducted by all government agencies. DAF has its own more detailed purchasing procedures, which set out how departmental officers buy goods and services.

Details for tendering opportunities with the department are available from the Queensland Government website.

The department publishes details of all awarded contracts and standing offer arrangements of $10,000 and over on the Queensland Contracts Directory.

Read more about the Queensland Government tendering, procurement and contractual policy.