Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial Advisory Committee

Nominations closed 17 May 2019

The expression of interest to nominate a representative for the Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial Advisory Committee (BQMAC) has closed.

The BQMAC will draw its strength and relevance from individual members selected through the expression of interest process.  A committee will be formed that can provide a balance of experience, skills, and viewpoints.

Individual members of BQMAC will be selected by the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries following consideration of the applications.

What is BQMAC?

Nominations are now open

BQMAC’s role is to provide strategic oversight and direction on Queensland’s priorities within the national biosecurity system.  and advise the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries around key biosecurity issues and trends affecting Queensland. Its role will also be to support relevant discussion and consultation with their stakeholders and disseminate information to industry channels.

BQMAC will comprise members with skillsets that demonstrate they are a future leader and influencer of biosecurity preparedness and response within Queensland.  BQMAC has an opportunity to gain an insight into policy and decision making at higher levels of government. Their skills and representation should be derived from a practical knowledge in an everyday setting.

The Department encouraged organisations to nominate more than one candidate, keeping in mind a gender and cultural balance

It is envisaged that the 10 representative positions will be allocated as follows:

  • 1 member from the two peak organisations representing agricultural producers (AgForce and Queensland Farmers Federation)
  • 1 member representing local government (Local Government Association of Queensland)
  • 1 member drawn from peak organisations with an environmental biosecurity focus (e.g. Natural Resource Management Regions Queensland, Queensland Conservation Council or Invasive Species Council.
  • 6 members with specific complementary skills to support implementation of the Queensland Biosecurity Strategy 2018 – 2023.
    Their skills could be in:
    • biosecurity investment/risk/economics
    • social or behavioural science
    • biosecurity intelligence and data gathering
    • operational assessment of risk pathways
    • biosecurity risk management and crisis management
    • research and development and management
    • peri-urban farming and local collectives
    • biodiversity and/or bush regeneration

Terms of reference

Download the full terms of reference

BQMAC will use a remunerated model allowing members to be paid in accordance with the Remuneration procedures for part-time chairs and members of Queensland Government bodies.

The term of appointment to BQMAC will be until 30 June 2022.