Fisheries economic and social data

As part of the Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy: 2017–2027, we are working to improve our monitoring and research. Commercial fishers, recreational fishers and other stakeholders provided feedback that economic and social information should be used to manage Queensland’s fisheries, so we have developed a practical and cost-effective system to collect this information.

Economic and social indicators provide valuable information for fisheries managers, the fishing industry and other stakeholders. These indicators help to demonstrate the contribution that fishing makes to the Queensland economy and can be used to understand the economic and social benefits of Queensland’s fisheries for our state and our communities.

Data collection

Fisheries Queensland engaged BDO EconSearch to collect data about Queensland’s fisheries from commercial fishers and charter operators. They have undertaken this type of work for the South Australian fisheries sector and are involved in Fisheries Research and Development Corporation projects related to fisheries economics and human dimensions. The data BDO EconSearch collects is confidential – Fisheries Queensland only receives aggregated data and reports that cannot be linked to individual businesses.

Fisheries Queensland also provided information to BDO about the costs of managing fisheries.

Interactive dashboard

A time series of economic indicators for the commercial, charter, recreational and aquaculture sectors are available in an interactive dashboard. You can access statewide or regional information by fishery or sector.




Next steps

This fishery monitoring program aims to provide annual sets of economic performance indicators for each of Queensland’s commercial fisheries to better understand the business of commercial fishing, which will improve the sustainable economic management and individual performance of the fisheries.

More information

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