Queensland's agricultural produce has a global reputation for being safe and nutritious.

At a glance

  • $10.72 billion

    total agriculture, fisheries and forestry export value in 2021–22

  • $5.66 billion

    meat of bovine animals

  • $921 million

    vegetable and fruit export value

Global contributor

Queensland's primary industries export to over 130 destinations worldwide. The sector accounts for approximately 10% of Queensland's overseas exports, by value.

Even though Queensland's population is less than 0.1% of the world's population and 1% of the world's total land area, we produce 0.4% of the world's food supply and nearly 1% of the world's agricultural exports.

In 2021–22, the top 2 export destinations were:

  • Japan $1.84 billion export value
  • China $1.78 billion export value.

Our food-safety, traceability and supply-chains systems ensure high-integrity produce, free of global disease threats. Our ports and transport-and-supply chains are heavily geared to produce food for our export markets.

We export 58% of all our agricultural output, including more than:

  • 50% of meat products
  • 83% of sugar
  • 93% of grains and grain products
  • 74% of cotton
  • 47% of seafood products.


In 2021–22, Queensland exported over $10.7 billion worth of agriculture and food products:

  • 26% greater than in 2020–21
  • 18% greater than the average of the past 5 years.

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Last updated: 23 Mar 2023