Queensland's primary industries (agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food) are central to our economy, regions and communities.

AgTrends at a glance

  • $23.11 billion

    total value forecast for 2022–23

  • $18.09 billion

    gross value of production forecast for 2022–23

  • $5.02 billion

    value-added production forecast for 2022–23

  • 68,400

    direct employment in 2021–22

  • $10.72 billion

    total agriculture, fisheries and forestry export value in 2021–22

2022–23 forecast

For 2022–23, the total value of Queensland's primary industry commodities is forecast to be $23.11 billion which represents a 2.3% decrease on the previous year.

This total is 15.37% greater than the average for the past 5 years.

Largest contributors by GVP

  • Livestock disposals (32.4%) – Significant biosecurity threats face livestock industries but demand remains strong and prices are holding firm.
  • Processing (21.4%) – The agricultural processing sector (first round) remains a strong contributor to the agriculture sector GVP beyond primary production, buoyed primarily by meat processing.
  • Horticulture (18.6%) – Horticulture production in Queensland demonstrates a high level of resilience and ability to adapt to prevailing conditions and market demands.
  • Crops (21.0%) – Despite an extremely wet start to the winter cropping season the sector recovered with late plantings and winter crops in Southwest and Central Queensland, reporting strong yield potentials leading into spring.

Queensland's contribution to the national economy

In 2020–21, we produced:

  • 96% of sugar cane
  • 69% of mangoes
  • 65% of sorghum for grain
  • 65% of capsicums
  • 63% of macadamias
  • 62% of sweetcorn
  • 60% of avocados
  • 48% the cattle herd
  • 31% of egg production.

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Last updated: 23 Mar 2023