Tagged fish

Report the capture of tagged fish by calling 1800 077 001

Research programs conducted throughout Queensland use tags to give scientists a better understanding of fish movement, growth and survival rates.

Unregulated, tagged fish can be taken. However, if you take a tagged fish, call 1800 077 001 toll free or return the tag to the Tagging Coordinator, Bill Sawynok, PO Box 9793, Frenchville, Queensland 4707, with the following information:

  • the tag number (if the fish has two tags, record both tag details)
  • the date and place of capture
  • the fork and/or total length
  • details of whether the fish was kept or released.

If the tag has 'Keep Frame' on it, fisheries officers may wish to examine the fish. Freeze the fish and contact the coordinator on 1800 077 001 or your local QBFP office.

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