Tagged fish and monitoring programs

Tagged fish

Research projects involving the tagging of fish are often conducted throughout Queensland by scientists at universities, state and federal agencies, and community groups to improve our understanding of fish movement, growth and survival rates.

To get involved, call Suntag on 1800 077 001 (toll-free).

Caught a tagged fish?

You can keep a tagged fish if it is within size and possession limits and not subject to a closed season. Just call the number on the tag or post the tag and the following information to the tagging coordinator:

  • tag number (if there are two tags, record details of both)
  • date and place of capture
  • fork length and/or total length.

If the tag has ‘keep frame’ on it, Fisheries Queensland officers may wish to examine the fish skeleton. Freeze the fish frame and call the number on the tag to arrange collection.

If you decide to release the fish, call the number on the tag or the Suntag toll-free number above to provide the information.

Get involved

The future of our fisheries relies on them being used in a sustainable way. This means keeping a close eye on fish stocks and the management of each fishery.

You can provide valuable monitoring information by getting involved in a Fisheries Queensland volunteer monitoring program:

  • Statewide boat ramp and shore-based surveys (including net-free fishing zones) – let our scientific staff measure your catch
  • Keen Angler Program – donate your fish frames to science
  • Fishing surveys – if you get a phone call, tell us about your fishing habits.

Find out more about our monitoring programs.

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