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Weeds, pest animals and ants

Weeds, pest animals and ants have significant economic, environmental and social impacts on Queenslanders.

Biosecurity Queensland works closely with local governments, communities and other stakeholders to minimise these impacts.

  • Weeds

    Weed identification, an A-Z list, environmental impacts, control methods, preventing spread and the Weedbuster program.

  • Pest animals

    A-Z list of pest animals,how to manage pest animals on your property, prohibited pets, pest ants, marine pests and more

  • Pest management planning

    Pest mapping principles, benefits of planning, resources to help you develop a plan and index to plans.

  • Legislation, strategies and permits

    Legislation, strategies and permits for the management of invasive plants and animals

  • Educational resources and careers

    Education resources, including weedbuster and pest patrol and career information

  • Pest mapping

    Pest animal and weed annual and distribution maps

  • Invasive plant and animal research

    Research to manage Queensland's worst weeds and pest animals and reduce impact on agriculture, environment and community

  • Marine pests

    Some marine species that have been introduced are considered pests.

  • Invasive ants

    Biosecurity Queensland are making efforts to eradicate fire ants, electric ants and yellow crazy ants in Queensland.

  • Queensland Feral Pest Initiative

    The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative is to support wild dog, feral cat and other weed and pest animal management projects.

  • Feral animal assistance package

    The Federal Government has announced a new drought assistance package to manage feral animals.

Fact sheets, pest management plans and assessments, guidelines, brochures and more